The best adventure you never had.

The Blue Box

All the exciting fun of ejew.in now available on your own CD, thanks to The Blue Box! Put it inside your computing device and experience all the fun of not having lost your favorite games while also enjoying the stellar soundtracks to each of the games. If you do not have a computing device, but long to pretend, you may put the CD in your stereo and listen to the music and/or game data! The future is now and we are blessed.

Get The Blue Box Now

The Blue Box: Physical Edition Signup

Click Here to fill out a form to receive a physical edition of The Blue Box; act fast, supplies are limited! Only up to 75 more physical copies will be made!


If you would like to create your own, download the files and make your own physical edition here:

  • Files + Booklets for use with any traditional image burning software and printer combo. Media is not aligned or set up in any way, booklets come with printing instructions. You may wish to use this if you want to pretend like you burnt a CD instead.
  • Disc Image as Bin + Cue if you feel like rocking it old-school, we have the master image distributed as a .bin+.cue combo for those familiar with the scene.


Please contact EntranceJew directly for any help. Or join the Discord available from the homepage.