The best adventure you never had.

Oligocene Snapshot

Smack my prehistoric animals, snap my prehistoric picture.

Oligocene Snapshot was developed as part of the Awful Winter Jam 2018 between January 5th and January 21st of 2018 C.E.!

Oligocene Snapshot

By: Beeconomic Advisors

As Part Of: The Blue Box

An enhanced version of this title is available as part of the collection The Blue Box, which is now available on steam:

The Story

Science man went back in time to take some photos in a really cool car!

As Seen On Vinesauce! Wow!

The Team

Oligocene Snapshot was developed by the team Beeconomic Advisors, a rag-tag group consisting of:

  • EntranceJew Programmer, Sound Design that underestimates the power of going fast
  • Gunzil Programming makes cameras go from useless to functional
  • TheBrigand Creature Texturing colorful frog adventurer
  • Noyemi K. Music, Theme had more jam than our jam had level
  • Captain Bungalo Level Designer,
    Environmental Artist, Sequence Coordinator, Smile Daddy
    made it so the game went from nonexistent to things worth taking a photo of
  • RiverFace Modeling, Animation he made a rectangle and we spun them around until he asked us to stop
  • HatsFourCats SkiFree Enthusiast discovered the “go fast” key, which needed to be removed, but was later added back in anyway

Third Party Contributions

Some folks that made things that we ended up using in the game.

  • Rectus "FROG" model a beautiful “frog”.
  • Various Freesound Users Sound Effects, Environmental Sound sounds that are nice and cool.
  • frog.tips Tips for FROG your camera may be amphibious, we can’t be sure.

Download / Play

Windows x86_64
Download (zip)
Download (zip) MEGA