The best adventure you never had.

Llama goes to Market

Llama goes to Market

By: Beeconomic Advisors

As Part Of: The Blue Box

An enhanced version of this title is available as part of the collection The Blue Box, which is now available on steam:

About The Game

We just don’t know.

Llama goes to Market was developed as part of the Little Awful Jam 2016 between January 8th and January 22nd of 2016 C.E.

The Team

Llama goes to Market was developed by the team Beeconomic Advisors, a rag-tag group consisting of:

  • TomR Programmer, 2D Artist, 3D Artist he brings the pain, but he also brings the polys. This guy has model turnaround like YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Like, you have literally never seen before. It’s like you just escaped Pluto’s cave. Get help.
  • MockingQuantum Audio Engineer(s), Programmer?! when people say “bring the noise” they’re actually just saying “yo where the heck is that MockingQuantum guy at” because this dude plays tracks like nobody’s business.
  • EntranceJew "Pro"grammer could probably benchpress a schoolbus but just doesn’t feel like showing you cause he pulled a muscle the other day for working out for three days straight.

Download / Play

Windows x86
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Windows x86_64
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Mac OS X (Universal)
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Linux (Universal)
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