The best adventure you never had.

DDAFPST Ostriches

DDAFPST Ostriches

Full Title: “Depression. Decreased Ability to Feel Pleasure. Suicidal Thoughts. Ostriches.”

By: Beeconomic Advisors

In Conjunction With: Missing Sentinel Software

As Part Of: The Blue Box

An enhanced version of this title is available as part of the collection The Blue Box, which is now available on steam:

About The Game

A game about a gang of ostriches who enjoy cocaine. Participate in this amazing adventure to the moon with this four-player game.

DDAFPST Ostriches was developed as part of the Little Awful Jam 2017 between January 2nd and January 16th of 2017 C.E. This is where it won an award for “Best Audio!

The Story

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The Team

DDAFPST Ostriches was developed by the team Beeconomic Advisors, a rag-tag group consisting of:

  • EntranceJew Programmer couldn’t be persuaded to make excite-bike
  • TomR 3D Artist, 2D Artist implementer of the moon
  • josefnpat Voice, Code, Design touched the keyboard stylishly
  • Noyemi K Music won us an award

Download / Play

Windows x86
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Windows x86_64
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Mac OS X (Universal)
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Linux (Universal)
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