The best adventure you never had.


A great adventure featuring Jeff Basketman and his cohorts confront an elite squadron of special agents that really have to crack the case! Coordinate your team through the perilous challenges and uncover the truth.

BBA SLAM was developed as part of the Awful Summer Jam 2017 between July 7th and August 1st of 2017 C.E.!
This is where it won an award for “Best Audio“!

As Part Of: The Blue Box

An enhanced version of this title is available as part of the collection The Blue Box, which is now available on steam:

The Story


As Seen On Vinesauce! Wow!

The Team

BBA SLAM was developed by the team Beeconomic Advisors, a rag-tag group consisting of:

  • EntranceJew Programmer that doesn’t quite get vector math
  • TomR 3D Artist, 2D Artist professional asset store browser and shader magician
  • Noyemi K Music so good that you will smile

Special Guests

We had some guest talent voice for this game, they are:

Important Notes

  • This game uses System.Diagnostics.Process to check if you’re streaming to allow you to configure your capture and volume ahead of time, this may trip some false positives in anti-virus software. Please add the software to your exclusion list or run it under Sandboxie if you don’t want to do that.
  • If you are having performance lag try turning down the graphics settings in the launch options menu. It won’t make a great deal of difference visually but your computer will be happier with you.
  • If you are having difficulty running or starting the game on lower end systems, use the launch flag -force-d3d9, for more information on launch arguments check stackexchange and the Unity documents for other potentially useful graphic configurations.

Download / Play

Windows x86_64
Download (zip) (Mirror: mega.nz)