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EJEW.IN, LLC is currently hiring! Please review the below positions and get in touch with EntranceJew in order to apply. Please have your resume handy!


Game Developer

You make videogames happen. You don’t just sit around and wait for a cool game to happen, you dive right in to the bloodstream of causality and force the world for it to occur. You take a blank canvas canvas and you work it until you hold the wrought gemstone that is your game.


  • Working in Unity ( C# ) or LÖVE ( LuaJIT ) to produce content and code.
  • Demonstrating your knowledge of software design in architecting solutions that work for the rest of the team.
  • Working with artists and designers to integrate assets into a title.
  • Tactfully devising a solution for many potential problems.
  • Making videogames.


  • Familiarity with the tools: We don’t have the end all be all solution for game development, but at the end of the day we have to speak a common language. Right now we use the languages and frameworks listed above, but sometimes even a passing familiarity with programming or similar tool-sets can be enough if you have the drive and adaptability.
  • Resourcefulness and adaptability: Rote knowledge isn’t everything, but being able to research and identify a solution is. You can’t ever learn anything if you don’t know how, after all. You take what you know to identify and obtain what you don’t. Spider-sense sold separately.
  • The ability to overcome: When all else fails, you will pave through the unknown. Eventually you shall achieve understanding. You will not be bested by problems presented to you by mere machines.

Web Designer

Our website is currently lacking flare and style. You could fix that! Work with us to get out some stunning branding, beautiful pages, and non-bootstrapped styles. It really speaks for itself. If you saw our homepage and cringed, good, we want you!


  • Making visually interesting designs and layouts to promote our pages.
  • Working with our Media Managers to have relevant and easy-to-digest content for search engines.


  • Experience with modern web paradigms: browserstack is your best friend and you test the mettle of every webpage by rapidly resizing your browser. Stretchy.
  • Excellent development technique: you either strike tactfully with the briefest of styles and scripts, or you deploy the tactical nukes that build processes offer. Either way, it just tells us you love what you do and you do it well.
  • Aspiration to wow: you don’t see the browser as just a place to put words, it’s your canvas to bust out the ol’ razzle-dazzle. You don’t just do what needs to be done, you do what you thought couldn’t be done.

Project Manager

It’s no surprise that developers love to make things. It’s why they do it. Although sometimes, in the neck of things, it can be hard for everyone to keep an eye on getting a single game out the gate. There might be many things going on at once and those lost in the forest can’t see it for the trees. This is where your hawk-eyed, telescopic eyeballs bulge in and out of their sockets and analyze the situation, providing directions for everyone shrouded in woods so they may make it through unscathed.


  • Managing tasks for people between one or more projects.
  • Working with teams to reduce major unknowns into tasks that can easily be resolved.
  • Keeping everyone involved motivated and confident that they can do what’s needed of them.
  • Ensuring that we’re always moving forward.
  • Destroying bike sheds.


  • Compassion: You must understand people. You must get to know everybody and manage the their workloads in such a way that they’re guaranteed success. You will come to learn what to expect from everyone and plan accordingly.
  • An understanding of limits: The mind is willing but the body is flesh is bruised and weak. It’s easy for people to set themselves up for more than they can manage. What you must do is prevent them from going against a task too large, as that can easily decimate motivation. We are mortal, not machines. Maximum efficiency is merely an ideal.
  • An unbiased perspective: You will see things from the bottom to top, so it’s important to be able to judge how things are going and whether or not expectations will be met. We use this insight to adapt and learn, not to create pressure. Managing scope can be difficult, but you don’t see movement, you see velocity.

Media Manager

Games do not sell themselves. Case in point: there are thousands of indie games you don’t know about that you would probably love, but nobody told you about them yet. We are in that same boat in the same ocean of beautiful and talented people. We need you to be a beacon of hope, a lighthouse for the people, let your brilliant light guide the indie gaming sailors home safely or at least warn them about the unpleasant rocky cliffs of dissatisfaction. I like boats, alright?


  • Creating engaging media for use on the website and on external sites.
  • Managing social media accounts for the company and relevant titles.
  • Engaging with promoters to maximize visibility for our titles and company needs.
  • Recording and editing basic video footage.
  • Capturing interesting visual stills from projects.


  • Being hip and with it: People can’t think you’re old-hat or totally out of touch when you write. Like I am. People have to know there’s a human behind what you’re doing. When was the last time a robot convinced you to do something?
  • Earnest, compassionate writing: Everyone thinks their game is the best, you can’t just go out there and say “we’re great!” all day. When you write, people want to read what other gamers would say about things — they want to know “Is this really worth my time?” because they’re tired of reading empty words or unconditional praise.
  • An eye for design: Nobody likes reading a bunch of talk. A picture can probably say it a thousand times better. Being keen on basic video editing a/b cuts, putting text on a picture, and just knowing what people really want to see.

Not Listed

We can’t ever know all there is in the world but you can tell us about it! If you have some skill that you think we need and you would like to work with us, then by all means, get in touch. If you can convince us that we’re in need of your specialty then we’re listening.


  • Doing what you do best.


  • Love doing what you do.